Through the Energis 8 Agrochemical, one of the specializations sectors of the Energis 8 Brazil Group it’s the Agribusiness. Commerce, importation, exportation and formulation of products are part of the portfolio services offered.

The produce and commercialized products serves from the manufacturer of fertilizers and agrochemicals up to the final consumer of agricultural.

Mineral oils for the agricultural spraying, fungicides, certified and approved for different cultures brands adjuvants, with emphasis on cotton, soybeans and sugarcane.

On the specialized line of the sector, the featured stays on the Agefix brand, a mineral adjuvant oil, registered at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Suply, under the number 019907, ready to be added to syrup with others formulated products, such as herbicides, fungicides, insectcides, acaricides and growth regulators.

With a broad spectrum of action, the Agefix it’s recommended for a better distribution (reductions of surface tension) and adhesion on the surface of the plant (wetting/spreading effect), retarding the evaporation of the syrup(anti-evaporation), because droplet emulsified with oil take more time to evaporate, allowing to reach the target and make easier the absorptiom of water soluble products.

Beyond the Agefix, the Energis 8 Agrochemical also commercializes the products from the BR DISTRIBUTOR OPPA and OPPA EC, oils for agricultural spraying ready to bem added to others pesticides or be used as toxicals by itself on certains product culture.

With one expressive acting on the adjuvant business, the controlled Packblend it’s enabled for comercialize, import, export, formulate products for the agribusiness. Is the holder of the Agefix brand, and also commercializes products from the BR Distributor, of the OPPA and OPPA EC brands.

We provide the paranific mineral oil Agemix for formulation of animal food, dust supressor and agglutinator.