With one expressive acting on the adjuvant business, the controlled Energis 8 Agrochemical it’s enabled for comercialize, import, export, formulate products for the agribusiness. Is the holder of the Agefix brand, and also commercializes products from the BR Distributor, of the OPPA and OPPA EC brands.

AGEFIX is a mineral adjuvant oil ready to be added to syrup with others formulated products, such as herbicides, fungicides, insectcides, acaricides and growth regulators.

With innumberables ways of application, the Ageifx it’s recommended for improve the distribution (reductions of surface tension) and adhesion on the surface of the plant (wetting/spreading effect) because droplet emulsified with oil take more time to evaporate, allowing to reach the target and make easier the absorptiom of water soluble products.

The Agefix adjuvant it’s registered at MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Suply) under the number 019907.

OPPA is a pure mineral oil used as a component for adjuvant formulation and pesticides. The product enters the formulation of the mainly mineral emulsifiable oils used on brazilian agriculture.

Registered at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) under the number 2708005, as a fungicide for the control of the “Mal-of-Sigatoka” on the banana culture, it’s very used in aerials applications, pure used or in combination with anothers fungicides registereds for banana. It’s a slightly toxic product, green belt, offering great security for the pesticides applicators.

OPPA EC it’s a agricultural mineral oil emulsifiable, ready to be added in the agrotoxic syrup, which main features as: the capacity to adhere on the surface of the plant, its penetrability on the plant tissues, the spreading and resistance to evaporation and the wash by rainwater.

Mainly Applications

  •  Adjuvant
  •  Control of “Mal-of-Sigatoka”
  •  Breaking dormancy temperate fruits
  •  Insecticide
  •  Control of Carapace scales insect
  •  Culture of Citrus by asphyxia