With a highly new profile, the Energis 8 Brazil Group has insert since 2015 in their business portfolio, products for chemical specialties. Benefiting in some dynamic form to our clientes with highly quality raw material and newer technology to attend to the most diverse industry refitment and processing segments.

Beyond the products that we actually sell, like: Mineral Paranifics Oils, Naphtenics, Aromatics, White Oils Technical Degrees and USP, liquid and solid Petroleum Jelly(Vaseline).

The clients have access to an varied line of national and imported mineral basisc oils, from paranific, naphtenic and aromatic kinds.

Those products can be applied into cutting oils formulations, lubricants, hydraulic liquids, pesticides, plasticizers, among others.

Among the products also are the white mineral oils of thecnical degrees and USP degrees, which are used in light machining cutting oils formulations, creams, lubricants, protectives, pesticides, rubber formulation, plastics, special lubricants, textiles, mold release, fiber softening, helps in the PVC process, mold release pastes and as looms lubricants

An full line of products and services needs to attend all kind of especification. The Energis 8 Brazil Group developes and commercializes various specific applications products, like liquid and solid petroleum jelly (vaseline), hydrogenated solventes, dispersants and defoamer.