Meet and understand a little about every single company on The Energis 8 Brazil Group.

As a business expertise, Energis 8 Agrochemical has begun their activities to supply the business necessities from a automotive and industrial lubricant oil sector specialist distributor. Since theirs foundation, the company has been searching to interact and integrate itself to anothers network business from oil derivates, chemicals specialities and agribusiness sectors, to reach the foritification and full development of your activities.

Energis 8 Agrochemical offers a wide array of specialized products, like automotives lubricants, industrial lubricants, mineral oil for agricultural spraying, animal nutrition additives and chemical specialities. Indeed, act on the basics mineral oil distribution, white oil and “USP – United States Pharmacopeia”, national and international.

The Energis 8 Brazil Group influence promotes more and more the development of company business oportunity, making possible new enterprises and investiments on quality and search and development projects.

Energis 8 Agrochemical it’s estabilished at São Paulo, plus counting with all over state subsidiaries, aside from Paraná and Rio de Janeiro. It’s certificated from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the International Organization for Standardization

Energis 8 do Brasil

The Energis 8 it’s one another specialized company from the group, acting on the derivated oil products segments.

Brazil’s largest plant in formulation services and packaging of automotive and industrial lubricant oils, Energis 8 Services combines operational and technical experience to the infraestructure needed for a large scale quality production.

As the brand of the group companies, the Energis 8 Services looks for the evolution and development of new business. As a proof of that was the recent enlargement for the special fluid segment, like the break fluid, radiator fluid and ARLA 32, that attend the business necessities and enables to offer to the clients more complete opportunities.

Cotrag Transportes

The Cotrag Transports it’s the logistic right hand of the Energis 8 Brazil Group.

Another company specialized in the segment, the Cotrag Transports it’s prepared to attend the demand of oil derivates transport with security, agilty and efficiency.

Quality and security vehicles are essential for the services offered by Cotrag. Therefore, the company’s fleet is made up of trucks specially prepared for the transport of these products, with a capacity of 15 to 60 thousand litersWith closed and fractionade freight and capable of a daily drive of 800 thousand liters and monthly of about 20 milion liters, Cotrag are ready to attend with quality all the steps of the logistic chain of the sector.