The Energis 8 services has a great prodution capacity, being the Brazil’s biggest plan in formulation services and packaging of automotive and industrial lubricant oils.

We strongly act and with a large operational and technical experience on the oil derivates products segments.

Over the last years we diversify our services provision trhough the enlargement to the special fluids segment, like the Break Fluid, Radiator Fluid and ARLA 32.


  • Storage Of Basic Oils, Additives and Chemicals
  • Blending Process
  • Packaging process in various SKU’s
  • Laboratory Analisis
  • Storage of products and packaged products
  • Logistic Operations

The Energis 8 services has an tanking area compound by 44 tanks, totalizing 4.600m³ to the storage of basic oils, additives and chemicals. On the internal area, we have 18 tanks intended to blending process.

We dispose of 8 dosing machines for the packaging process, where we can operate with several kinds of SKU’s, varying the bottles from 100mL to a IBC of 1000mL. For the bulk packaging process, we have a loading platform with 6 mechanical arms.

Our plant at Iperó, counts with a technologic center equipped with modern analisis instruments and an chemical thecnics team higlhy qualified and with huge experience in the automotives and industrial Lubricant Oils, Agrichemicals, Special Fluids and General Chemicals. All the performed analisis here follows the determined patterns in the ISO EC 17.025 norm.

The logistic operations, another service borrowed by Energis 8, it’s located at our 5000m² storage with 3000 pallets positions, inside our plant, ready to offer the service of storage and loading of various finished products, according to yours sales order.