The Energis 8 Brazil Group doesn’t only worries about the business development. All of business network looks to offer something better to human kind. Products, services, all of them is a part of a cycle with the same aim: From improvement and progress.

This is the principle that shapes the Energis 8 Brazil group social responsibility political. We’re a part of a whole. As our clients, providers, employees, as well as our world. We believe that living relationships are essential parts of any project that aims a future.

Because of this reasons, The Energis 8 Brazil Group invests on the awareness and capacity of yours colaborators on issues of health, security, environment and human relationship.

Our commitment with sustainability and the life quality of everyone around, are guidelines of the entire management model implanted in the group. We’re seeking the evolution together, for everyone’s success.


The Energis 8 Agrochemical, a company of The Energis 8 Brazil Group, Always seek to provide quality products and services in an ethical, innovative and responsible, looking for the sustainable growing. Thus, the Energis 8 Agrochemical company adopts some measures in order to have the determined norms by the environmental legislation fullfiled.

The Conama resolution of number 362 from june 23th of 2005 determines the gathering of the well-worn or contaminated lubricant oil, generated post consumption. Through the partnership developed with the company LWART LUBRICANTS LTD, the Energis 8 Agrochemical enables the collection of a percentage of well-worn lubricanting oils required by the normative Interministerial MME/MMA n. 100 for april 11th of 2016.

Associated with the INSTITUTE PLAY CLEAN, the Energis 8 Agrochemical works with another associates to compouse the reversal logistic, an instrument instated by the law 12.305/2010, that it’s a action set, procedures and destinated means to enable the collecting and restitution of solid waste to the business sector, avoiding damages to the environment, giving an adequate final destination to this wastes.

In the agrotoxic segment, the Energis 8 Agrochemical company it’s associated to the INPEV – NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE PROCESSING OF EMPTY PACKAGES, effecting the disposal of empty packages of the pesticides after the consumer’s final use, according to the law 7.802 from july11th of 1989.

The Energis 8 Agrochemical company and the Energis 8 Brazil Group has the proud to help on the sustainable development of the society and to accomplish with the legal obrigations and normatives that looks for the sustainability.