On a extremely competitive business world, The Energis 8 Brazil Group searchs through proper ownards, to offer an variety of proven quality products and services. A responsability from who searchs for an excellent work.

Active at Chemicals, Petrochemichals, Agribusiness Services and Transports sectors, The Energis 8 Brazil Group make national and international partnership through their business.

An advanced and sistemic sight already consolidated by the holding basis itself model organization on the verge of integration and evolution of acting sectors where works , beeing a acting contributor for the sustainable development.

The Energis 8 Brazil Group behave to be quality refence , Always looking for some good business to their clients and contributing for responsable industry and human relationship evolution.


Looking for our clients satisfaction, providing quality products and services , in ethical forms, whith social and environmental responsability, bringing forth richness with sustainability and contributing for a better people’s life quality.


To be quality reference national and international company, acting into the chemicals, agribusiness and lubricants sectors.


  • Ethic
  • Commitment
  • Social and Environmental Responsability
  • Human Appreciation
  • Inovation
  • Sustainability