Óleos Minerais Básicos

The Energis 8 Agrochemical company also offers a full line of automotive and industrial lubricants. With more than 100 differents products on demand and Always looking for excellence, the company of the Energis 8 Brazil Group offers with tested and approved quality from who knows what does, assuring the best performance, seeking Always for the client’s best and providing a better benefict-cost to your vehicle, road improvement, rural and industrial equipment.

The controlled Energis 8 Agrochemical, from the Energis 8 Brazil Group marketed a lubricant line to whole type of national and international walking vehicles, powered by gasoline, etanol, diesel and GNV- natural gas. Complying with the strict quality standards from the producers of these vehicles.

The lubricant performance to the walking vehicles line it’s crowded trhough a strict quality control, composed by 65 steps of specialized laboratory analisis until the product reach the consumer’s hand. And along with this accuracy and our lubricants manufacturing control that we assure to you, consumer, a excelente performance product.

“Our VORAX brand will make you astonished”

– Always check the manual and follow the specific recomendations

The oil lubrificant line for motorcicles attend the most various use categorys, such as: sport, scooter, street, trail, custom, tricycles and quadricycles. We provide to the users, a product line that provides performance, economy and a longest useful life to your motorcycle.

The lubricants of the motorcycles line attend the mainly norms estabilished by this segment producers.

We also provide a special and differnt product for the Market, Maxi Fork Oil, a speacilly developed oil for motorcycles fork.

– Always check the producer manual and follow the specific recomendations.

With our lubricant to powered by diesel vehicles, we merged technology and performance, longer breaks of change, longer vehicle engine, less oil diesel consumption and a better control of the generated gases in the combustion. Our products attend the most rigorous and demanding standards from the motors powered by diesel producers.

When in need of a lubricant to your truck, bus or off-road equipment, check our products.

We’ve got the most adequated to your vehicle or equipment. Find out a complete product line that will provide confiability and a lower maintenance cost!

 “The power and performance that your truck needs”

– Always check the producer manual and follow the specific recomendations.

We’re counting with a lubricant line for the most diverse industrial applications. Our products can be used on hydraulic system, reducers, guides and buses, metal work, textile industry, among others. We ensure the quality, performance, durability and a greater availability of the production. The industrial line lubricants fit the demand of the main worldy equipments producers.

When looking for quality with lower cost level of maintenance, prefer the PackBlend brand lubricants, a company from the Energis 8 Brazil Group.

– Always check the producer manual and follow the specific recomendations.

Seeking for improve our products line and providing to our clients and consumerts the oportunity of acquire and use high quality and excellent performance products.

We’re launching our greases line:

Maxi Grease Chassis

Calcium soap based grease.

Recommended for pin lubrication, automotive chassis articulation and lubrications points in general.

Maxi Grease MP

Lithium soap based grease.

Recommended for gear lubrication, coupling and plain and rolling bearings, like those installed in compressor, bombs, eletric motors and general mechanic equipments.