Operações Logísticas Diversas

The Energis 8 Brazil Group can help your business in different ways.

Through the Energis 8 Services, the group also offers industrialization services for partners on the automotive and industrial lubricants and special fluids segment. Here you cans see what kind of service is at the client disposal:

With 44 tanks at the external area and bulk of 4.600m² on your plant at Iperó – SP, the Energis 8 Services it’s efficially redy to offer the service of storage of mineral basics oils, additives and anothers correlates products.

Part of the offered services involves the blending process and packaging of chemical products and oil derivats. For those, the Energis 8 Services offers a amount of 18 tanks ready to receive them at the production internal area.

Among the industialization services offered for partners, it’s the product packaging. The service is done with various kinds of SKUs. Still, it’s able the bulk packaging process, by means of loading platform.

An large installment of work in the chemical sector and of oil derivates it’s developed at laboratory. Using the whole technical knowledge of your market experience, the Energis 8 Services has developed its Technological Center, certified and equipped with newly analisis instrumments, specialized in the automotive and insdutrial, agrochemicals, special fluids and chemicals in general.

The Energis 8 Services has an industrial shed structure efficially ready for the storage of finished products to prime matter that needs a special storage.

Aware of all the market necessities, the Energis 8 Services fullfill your range of specialized services offering the integrated logistic operations, with na area of up to 5000m².