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With more than 15 years of experience, the Energis 8 Brasil Group always works to meet the needs of the market with quality and efficiency.

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Energis 8 Brasil Group

The Energis 8 Brasil Group works to be a reference of quality, always aiming at a good business for its customers and contributing to the responsible evolution of industry and human relations.

Acting Areas

Acting in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Agribusiness, Services and Transportation sectors, the Energis 8 Brasil Group builds national and international partnerships through its business.

From lubricants to adjuvants, from formulation to delivery, Energis 8 is prepared to meet with quality and efficiency the main needs of an increasingly competitive market.

The advanced and systemic vision already consolidated by the holding company bases its organizational model on the integration and evolution of the sectors in which it operates, actively contributing to sustainable development.


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Responsabilidade Social

Social Responsibility

The Energis 8 Brasil Group is not only concerned with the development of the market. Every business chain aims to offer something to humanity. Product, service, all part of the cycle with the same goal of…



Our product line is always expanding. So that our customers and consumers can enjoy the excellent perfomance of a quality product. In addition, we always seek to complement our products…

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