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Energis 8 Brasil


Veículos Pesados

With a line of lubricants for diesel-powered vehicles that combines technology, performance and performance, longer intervals between changes, longer engine life, lower consumption of diesel oil and better control of gases generated in combustion, our products meet the most stringent and demanding manufacturer standards for diesel engines.

When you need to purchase a diesel lubricant for your truck, bus, off-road equipment, check out our product line. Purchase the one best suited to your vehicle and/or equipment, count on a line that will provide you with reliability and lower maintenance costs!

“The strength and performance your truck needs”

– Always consult the manufacturer’s manual and follow the recommendations indicated.

Lubrificantes Energis 8 Brasil


Maxi Turbo Top Plus CJ-4

Óleo lubrificante multiviscoso a base de óleos minerais hidroprocessados de altíssimo desempenho, projetado para cumprir com os requisitos mais exigentes dos motores a diesel turbinados de baixa emissão que operem...


Maxi Turbo CI-4

Óleo multiviscoso formulado para atender as especificações de motores ciclo diesel de última geração, turboalimentados ou aspirados de alta potência, utilizados em diversos tipos de serviços. Este produto possui composição...