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Energis 8 Brasil


Para oferecer o melhor serviço de transporte para um determinado tipo de produto, é necessário conhece-lo bem. Através da COTRAG TRANSPORTES, o Grupo Energis 8 Brasil une a experiência de quem conhece o produto, com a eficiência de quem sabe o que o mercado precisa.

Energis 8 Brasil - Cotrag Transporte

With a daily movement capacity of 800 thousand liters and monthly of about 20 milions liters, COTRAG TRANSPORTS is able to quickly and efficiently meet the demand for transportation of petroleum products at any stage of the logistics chain.

With a fleet made up of new carbon steel and stainless steel trucks, with compartments ranging from 15, 30 and 60 thousand liters, the company also offers fractional freight with delivery of dry cargo with platforms in drums, containers, drums and buckets of products. chemicals.

– There are 800 thousand liters per day and approximately 20 million liters per month of handling capacity.

– New fully prepared vehicles, made of carbon and stainless steel, with cargo compartments that vary in capacity between 15, 30 and 60 thousand liters.

– Closed or fractional freight, with platforms in drums, containers, drums and buckets of chemical products.

COTRAG Transportes offers safe, agile and specialized transportation of the most diverse chemical products and petroleum derivatives.